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Archive: January 2018

Top 10 Reasons to Update Your Website

2018-01-29 20:12:00 by Andrew Puckett

Our clients often wonder when it's time to update their website. We're not just talking about a minor tweak here or there, we're talking about a major update or even a complete overhaul. It's a very complex matter and it can differ from one company to the next but here are the top 10 reasons that your website might need to be updated.

  1. SEO

    Search Engine Optimization! This is the single biggest reason to update your site. We could have made a list of 10 reasons to update your site with all 10 of them being SEO. What's the point of having a website if your potential clients aren't visiting it? Part of the reason that this is #1 is that it is so broad. We should probably write another whole article about SEO but suffice it to say that in the ever changing landscape of search engines and social media this is more important than ever. Content, security (see #4), speed (see #7), microdata, local/mobile search, keyword research, there are so many things that fall under this category that can make the difference between a user never finding you and a lifetime customer. If your SEO isn't up to date you're missing out, period.

  2. Analytics

    This is another big one. Many people think that their website is all about driving traffic or making sales or increasing their brand identity. While all of that is true it can also provide a treasure trove of data to help you run your business. It pains us to see sites in 2018 that don't have analytics and it pains us even more to see sites that have them but they aren't using them. Well implemented analytics can help inform almost every business decision. If your website isn't providing you with this benefit or it's using older, less valuable analytics platforms then you could greatly benefit from an update in this area.

  3. UX

    UX seems to be such a hot buzzword right now but it's not without good reason. Websites have to be user friendly so the user experience is critically important. The only reason this isn't higher is that SEO and Analytics drive you toward good UX and it's not always the other way around. Just look at how user experience has changed over the years, who remembers Windows XP? The days before tabbed browsing? How did we get by? Even if your site followed the best UX principles a few years ago, it could be time for an update. As the big players like Google and Facebook evolve, users eyes and fingers are trained to move towards different areas of the screen, they expect certain things to be placed in certain areas. If your website doesn't match, you'll be neglecting your users and losing conversions.

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