For us, success is about more than just the bottom line. We are driven by the strongly-held belief that our passion for web design and development can make an impact in the world, even beyond the unique solutions we provide for clients. It's crucial to 8-nines that we use our skills and talents to contribute to the community around us and help it flourish. Whether we're partnering with local organizations, doing pro bono or discounted work for nonprofits, or getting involved in the city we love to make it even better - we are constantly evaluating how we can build a legacy that matters.

8-nines is intentional about our long-term impact in three primary ways:


8-nines has established partnerships with two local organizations - Siloam Health and Both Hands - donating 10 percent of all our profits to support their hard work on the front lines serving those in need.

Siloam Health logo

Siloam Health provides high quality health care at a low cost to people in need in the Nashville community. The staff and volunteers provide for the most medically vulnerable through a whole-person health care approach. They believe that ministering among the poor is a catalyst for the flourishing of a whole, new Nashville.

Both Hands logo

Both Hands is an organization with a unique model of dual service, enabling participants to raise money for their adoptions by serving widows. The funds raised help an orphan be adopted into their forever family! Both Hands. One for the widow. One for the orphan.

Pro Bono/Discounted Work

We know there are many nonprofits in our area doing great work on tight budgets. That's why we do pro bono and discounted work for organizations we believe in, empowering them to take their mission even further without sacrificing crucial funding. We enjoy bringing world class technology to to nonprofits to allow them to maximize their impact.

Getting Involved

We believe in Nashville, and we want to see it thrive. So we support local causes and sponsor local events, knowing these play an important role in making the city great. We think that technology will play a huge role in the future of our city and we want to invest in that future.

We'd love to talk to you more about our commitment to impact. Contact us to hear the whole story about how we fulfill this part of our vision.

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