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Archive: November 2017

How to get 100 on Google PageSpeed

2017-11-17 22:09:00 by Andrew Puckett

It's important to have a fast website. No one enjoys clicking on a link and then waiting and waiting for the page to load. Many users will even abandon a site if they have to wait too long for it to load. Furthermore, search engines will rank sites lower both if the pages load slowly and if users tend to abandon the site. For this reason it is doubly important to have a website that loads quickly. There are many, many things that come into play that make a difference between a slow webpage and fast webpage.

One of the most popular tools to test how fast a webpage loads is Google PageSpeed. A perfect score of 100 is rarely seen. There are many reasons for this and even more factors that go into how quickly a page loads. There are many excellent guides out there that go into detail on easiest ways to improve the load times of a webpage. This article will not be a comprehensive guide but will focus on a couple of surprising items that we found recently that significantly impacted our score. We'll also discuss why we decided not to address them and why you may not want to have that perfect 100 Google PageSpeed score either.

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